Yuanbin Wu

I am currently an assistant professor at Computer Science Department, East China Normal University. Before joining ECNU, I got both my B.S. (2007) and Ph.D (2012) degree from Fudan University, and worked as a research fellow at National University of Singapore (2013).

  • natural language processing
  • machine learning
  • structured prediction
  • online learning




Ph.D Students

Changzhi Sun

Mail: changzhisun@stu.ecnu.edu.cn
My main research interests lie within deep learning for natural language processing. I am particularly interested in information extraction and entity relation extraction. (A single dog waiting for love~)

Tao Ji

Mail: taoji.cs@gmail.com
NLU is a crucial part of NLP because it's an essential foundation for many downstream applications. I focus on making the machine understand linguistic syntax and semantic, based on fancied dependency grammar. I aim to build a universal dependency and uniform meaning representation parsing.

Masters Students

Yupei Du

Mail: yupeidu.cs@gmail.com
Language holds a mirror on human minds and the world. I aim to understand social phenomena from natural language, in which I am particularly interested in ethical issues like gender stereotypes. Apart from academic activities, I enjoy singing and playing basketball. I love Stephen Curry!

Yang Wei

Mail: godweiyang@gmail.com
WeChat: weiyang792321264
I got my B.S. (2018) in ECNU and I am interested in syntactic parsing currently. I like algorithms and once won some awards in the programming contests. My hobby is the League of Legends.

Ziyin Huang

Mail: zyhuang.cs@gmail.com
I got my B.S. (2018) degree from ECNU. My current research interests is relation extraction. I'm a gooner.

Yufang Liu

Mail: yfliu.antnlp@gmail.com
My areas of interest include learning to represent the syntactic and semantic information of a sentence. My work focuses on CCG Supertagging now.

Qi Zheng

Mail: qizheng.cs@gmail.com
My main research interest lies in question answering, with a particular focus on KBQA and semantic parsing.

Zhengyi Lei

Mail: 1158924641@qq.com
WeChat: zy_swift
I like playing listening music and playing table tennis.


Chenrui Li

Mail: lcrr2011@163.com
Graduated in 2018, now at Baidu Inc.

Yuekun Yao

Mail: ykyao.cs@gmail.com
Graduated in 2018, now at the UoE.

Yijun Wang

Mail: yjwang.antnlp@gmail.com
Graduated in 2019, now at SJTU.

Our Research

Syntax Parsing

Tao Ji, Yang Wei, Yufang Liu

Ethical Principles

Yupei Du

Information Extraction

Changzhi Sun, Ziyin Huang

Question Answering

Chenrui Li, Qi Zheng