Yuanbin Wu

I am currently an assistant professor at Computer Science Department, East China Normal University. Before joining ECNU, I got both my B.S. (2007) and Ph.D (2012) degree from Fudan University, and worked as a research fellow at National University of Singapore (2013).

  • natural language processing
  • machine learning
  • structured prediction
  • online learning




Ph.D Students

Changzhi Sun

Mail: czsun.cs@gmail.com
I am a research scientist at ByteDance AI-Lab. I am particularly interested in extracting structured data from free text, explaining black-box model and reasoning over structured data or free text.

Tao Ji

Mail: taoji@stu.ecnu.edu.cn
I focus on making the machine understand linguistic syntax and semantic, based on fancied dependency grammar. I aim to build a universal dependency and uniform meaning representation parsing.

Jie Zhou

Mail: jzhou@ica.stc.sh.cn
My research interest includes sentiment analysis, and neural networks. Since 2016, I have published more than 20 referred papers in international conferences or journals, such as AAAI, EACL, INS, KBS, COLING. Currently working as a postdoc at FduNLP.

Qingchun Bai

I got my PhD (2021) degree from ECNU. I focus on the study and analysis of pop-up texts in streaming media. Currently working as a research assistant on lifelong education policy study at the Shanghai Open University.

Yufang Liu

Mail: yfliu.antnlp@gmail.com
My areas of interest include learning to represent the syntactic and semantic information of a sentence. My work focuses on CCG Supertagging now.

Wei Du

Mail: 51215901009@stu.ecnu.edu.cn
I got my B.S. (2021) degree from ECNU. I focus on information extraction and model optimization. If I am free, you can find me in Ionia.

Masters Students

Zhengyi Lei

Mail: 71194501092@stu.ecnu.edu.cn
I am interested in cross-lingual embedding and summarization. I like listening music and playing ping pong.

Yi Gao

Mail: gaoyi@stu.ecnu.edu.cn
I got my B.S. (2020) degree from ECNU. My current research interests are few shot learning and meta learning. Now interning at ByteDance AILab Inc.

Xi Yang

Mail: xyang41@stu.ecnu.edu.cn
I mainly focus on the relation extraction task in IE, both in traditional and open domain. Now interning at ByteDance AILab Inc.

Zhicheng Wang

Mail: zcwang@stu.edu.ecnu.cn
My current research interests are in lifelong language learning and delta tuning.

Jie Wang

Mail: ant@stu.ecnu.edu.cn
Coming soon!

Yuqian Li

Mail: ant@stu.ecnu.edu.cn
Coming soon!

Yanting Liu

Mail: ant@stu.ecnu.edu.cn
Coming soon!


Yang Wei

Mail: godweiyang@gmail.com
Graduated in 2021, now at ByteDance AI-Lab Inc.

Qi Zheng

Mail: qizheng.cs@gmail.com
Graduated in 2021, now at NetEase Inc.

Chenrui Li

Mail: lcrr2011@163.com
Graduated in 2018, now at ByteDance Inc.

Yuekun Yao

Mail: ykyao.cs@gmail.com
Graduated in 2018, now at the UoE.

Yijun Wang

Mail: yjwang.antnlp@gmail.com
Graduated in 2019, now at Tencent.

Yupei Du

Mail: y.du@uu.nl
Graduated in 2020, now at Utrecht University.

Ziyin Huang

Mail: zyhuang.cs@gmail.com
Graduated in 2021, now at HUAWEI Inc.

Our Research

Syntax Parsing

Tao Ji, Yang Wei, Yufang Liu

Interpretable Learning

Yupei Du, Yufang Liu

Information Extraction

Changzhi Sun, Ziyin Huang, Xi Yang, Wei Du

Language Generation

Chenrui Li, Qi Zheng, Zhengyi Lei, Yuqian Li